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Welcome to the Unofficial Norwegian Civil Aircraft Register.

This site contains information about every aircraft registered in the Norwegian registry, the registry is publicly available on the Norwegian CAA homepage and are distributed on this page as an alternative to the CAA original copy.

It also contains other information obtained from users and other sources.

January 1st, 2015
Added October and November 2014 CAA aircraft register update.

October 6th, 2014
Added September 2014 CAA aircraft register update, and updated Radio License information for all aircrafts.

September 9th, 2014
Added August 2014 update

August 23rd, 2014
Added July 2014 update

July 5th, 2014
Added June 2014 update

Latest 5 additions to the register: Latest 5 deleted aircraft:
25.02.15 LN-GUF 26.02.15 LN-NOJ
23.02.15 LN-ITB 26.02.15 LN-NOL
12.02.15 LN-BER 25.02.15 LN-NOV
06.02.15 LN-GFS 19.02.15 LN-NOD
21.01.15 LN-FWP 19.02.15 LN-NOE
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This page is created by public available information from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority
All aircraft register information are handled within the copyright statement given by the Norwegian CAA

No guarantee is given for the correctness of ALL information distributed on this complete site.