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Owner: Sverre Stålem
Manufacturer: True Flight Holdings LLC
Model: AA-5A
Serial no: AA5A-0486
Information on grey backgroud are verified information from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority and The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority
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Installed Radio Equipment: (category only in norwegian)
Model (number installed) Manufacturer Category
ME406 (1) Artex Inc. Nødpeilsender m/ID
CP 136 (1) Narco VHF Navigasjonsmottaker
IDME 891 (1) WILC Avstandsmåleutstyr
MK 12 D (1) Narco VHF Navigasjonsmottaker
VHF Navigasjonsmottaker
VHF Kommunikasjonsutstyr
ADF 141 (1) Narco Radiopeiler
KX 170 B (1) King Radio Corporation VHF Kommunikasjonsutstyr
VHF Navigasjonsmottaker
KT 76 (1) King Radio Corporation Transponder
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