Airbus Helicopters
AS 350 B3


Aircraft Details

Manufacturer: Airbus Helicopters
Model: AS 350 B3
MSN: 4826
Weight: 2250
source: caa.no

Owner/Operator Details

Name: Nord Helikopter AS
Organization number: 991094377
Adress: Flyplassvegen 33
Postal Code: 6040
Fax: 958 97 901
Phone: 958 97 905 / 958 97 900
Country: Norge
source: nkom.no

Name: Dragonfly AS
Operator: Pegasus Helicopter AS

source: caa.no

Aircraft event timeline

Owner changed - Owner: Dragonfly AS
Added - Owner: Pegasus Helicopter AS

Radio authorization

Callsign: LN-OSO
License. Number: 5708
source: nkom.no

Installed radio equipment

VHF Communication Tranceiver 117,975-137 MHz
VHF Omnidirectional Range/Localizer Receiver 108-117,975 MHz
Glideslope receiver 328,6-335,4 MHz
ATC Transponder mode S 1030 / 1090 MHz
VHF Maritime Communication Transceiver 138-174 MHz
Emergency Locator Transmitter with ICAO ID 121,5 / 243 / 406 MHz
GPS Navigation Equipment 1215-1240 / 1559-1587 MHz
source: nkom.no

Old public records

Date: Adressee: Document:
2010-08-26 Pegasus Helicopter AS ARC
2009-10-16 Post- og teletilsynet Tillatelse for radioutstyr i luftfartøy
2009-09-02 SG Equipment Finance registrering av pantedokument
2009-08-31 SG Equipment Finance panterett i luftfartøy - Pegasus Helicopter AS
2009-08-26 Pegasus Helicopter AS Utstedelse av fartøysdokumenter
2009-08-26 Pegasus Helicopter AS var: LN-OSO - søknad om luftdyktighetsbevis
2009-08-26 Pegasus Helicopter AS Utstedelse av fartøysdokumenter
2009-08-25 Pegasus Helicopter AS Recommendation report
2009-08-25 Pegasus Helicopter AS utstedelse av Airworthiness Review Certificate
2009-08-25 Hans Vestfält Front Page AFM
2009-08-21 Pegasus Helicopter AS registrert luftfartøy
2009-08-21 Frode Østnes Effektueringsmelding
2009-08-20 Post- og teletilsynet tillatelse til radioutstyr i luftfartøy
2009-08-10 Pegasus Helicopter AS Vedrørende søknad om permit to fly
2009-08-07 Frode Østnes originalt skjøte og bekreftelse fra DGAC
2009-08-04 Pegasus Helicopter AS øknad om Permit to fly
2009-08-04 Pegasus Helicopter AS Vedrørende søknad om Permit to fly
2009-08-03 Pegasus Helicopter AS øknad om registrering av luftfartøy
2009-07-30 Pegasus Helicopter AS søknad om luftdyktighetsbevis
2009-07-28 Pegasus Helicopter AS Tildeling av ICAO code
2009-07-21 Pegasus Helicopter AS Pegasus Helicopter AS - Air Operator Certificate (AOC) - søknad om endring - LN-OSO
2007-04-20 Pegasus Helicopter AS og LN-OSO - Bekreftet reservasjon av registreringsmerker) e-post)
source: caa.no

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